Saturday, February 03, 2007

Monty Python's Astronomy Lesson

I've always liked Monty Python, but it's been a while since I saw The Meaning of Life (1983!), and I had forgotten that it includes an astronomy lesson. It's called The Galaxy Song (lyrics and MP3 can be found at that link), and it's a rather nice 2'37" musical rendition of our place in the universe. Astronomy author Phil Harrington has created an excellent animated PowerPoint called The Illustrated Galaxy Song. The link is to to a 4 megabyte PPS file which will launch directly as a slide show if you have PowerPoint installed and download and double-click it. The ever helpful Wikipedia even includes an article that discusses the astronomical accuracy of the song (generally pretty good).

N.B. Thanks to a helpful comment by Ed, I've now linked to a YouTube video of this song with amazing visuals from the movie Contact, and a nice vocal (with an Americanized final line) by Clint Black - thanks Ed!

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Ed said...

See also this video on YouTube, with the Galaxy Song as sung by Clint Black, and visuals from the movie Contact.