Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Manned Mars Mania (for Orbiter)

While I continue to be distracted from Orbiter by things like work, others are continuing to work on getting virtual astronauts to Mars in a variety of ways. I wrote about my friend Andy's implementation of a NASA design reference mission (DRM3) back in November, and since then he has greatly expanded this project, with some help on the Mars-landing side of things from another excellent Orbiter add-on builder, "Francis Drake," who is also updating his earlier model of NASA's Orion CEV.

This forum thread discusses the recent Mars/CaTV/lander/etc. developments, including pictures and links to add-on locations. There are several Mars landing options, and the building blocks that Andy and Franz are supplying should allow experimentation with mission architecture variations. Andy has some cool pictures on his web site, and even more on his Flickr site (also some interesting works in progress there). Nice work - now if I can only free up some time to play with this stuff!

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