Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Wild Shore of San Diego

I've been too busy to blog or do much of anything else this week, with final preparations for the week-long meeting that I organize and host every February for my company's international distributors, taking place next week. The meeting itself will be in Pasadena, California (home office), but the last few years we have started the week with some socializing and entertainment at another location, such as Las Vegas or San Francisco, and this year it will kick off in San Diego.

San Diego also figures in a book I've been reading, The Wild Shore, the 1984 first novel by Kim Stanley Robinson (best known for his later Mars Trilogy). It is the first of his "Three Californias" series of alternate future SF, this one a post-nuclear apocalypse novel. It's a strongly written, moving, and thought provoking novel, but I don't have time to discuss it much now except to say that it takes place in an area north of San Diego that I will be visiting this weekend, something of an odd coincidence. Here's a good review of the book if you're curious.

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