Monday, February 19, 2007

Heart of the Sunrise

When I started college in (ahem) September 1970, one of the bands I really liked was Yes. Their music was somehow complex and soothing at the same time, and they held my interest through Close to the Edge, which was perhaps my favorite of theirs (Topographic Oceans was just too much and I never liked much of their later stuff).

So imagine my surprise to find a connection between Yes and Orbiter! I searched for "Brian Jones" over at to see what other add-ons he had done (I knew one of them was MRO). But one I hadn't seen was "Yessongs," inspired by the album artwork of Roger Dean (see here, for example). The fish-like space yacht "Schindleria" is really a beauty, especially in the two Venus scenarios, including "Heart of the Sunrise," one of my favorite songs by Yes. And I hope that pointy asteroid never hits the Earth. Nice work, Brian!

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