Saturday, July 10, 2010

Two Amazing Albums

I stumbled on two amazing albums recently, Broken Bells and "Gorilla Manor" by Local Natives. They are similar in that they are "alternative rock" (whatever that is) with excellent (and eclectic) songwriting, cool arrangements, and great vocals. Both were MP3 specials on Amazon (Broken Bells for $5, Local Natives for $2.99 as the MP3 Daily Deal on July 7). I hear so many connections in this music - with echoes of the 60's, the Police, Peter Gabriel, the Shins, and much more. The Shins reference is not coincidental in the case of Broken Bells since it is a collaboration between "Danger Mouse" (of Gorillaz and many other projects) and James Mercer, singer/guitarist for the Shins.

Great stuff. I've had these two on continuous shuffle on my iPod for the last few days. My favorite Broken Bells songs are "Mongrel Heart" and "The Ghost Inside." Top two for Local Natives would be "Wide Eyes" and the wonderful "Sun Hands" - I just love that song.

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