Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blogging Breather

Deadline-driven work is taking a lot of extra time this week, and although I hate to disappoint my loyal readership (me and both of you), I guess blogging every day is not strictly required.

So it looks like I’m taking a breather until work and some other projects slow down a bit. There’s lots of interesting stuff to read, of course, although I have to say that even ScienceBlogs.com is getting to be too much of a good thing – 37 posts on February 6 alone (at least there are a few lines from each post on the entry page to help you decide what to read). For balance, diversity, and a keen eye for the interesting and important, I still recommend a daily dose of Anthonares. His recent post on censorship is great, and I especially liked his article on Resource Scarcity and Asteroid Mining (read the comments too – maybe I should have chosen Mandarin as my Asian language instead of Japanese, zannen desu ne). Anthony is now also a regular contributor to the already diverse and damn interesting Damn Interesting blog, with a good article yesterday on unexpectedly diverse termites.

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