Saturday, February 04, 2006

Orbiter Soundtrack Expansion

Sometimes I spend time in ways I don't plan or expect. Today I got the new Paste Magazine, with its sampler CD of new music. In addition, it contained a card for 50 free MP3 downloads at (I guess anyone can get this). So I figure, what the heck, and two hours and 50 songs later, here I am. It's a pretty cool site and I had meant to check it out sometime.

I first downloaded one of my own songs when I found I was on there (I suppose I'll get 60 cents or something from this free download, whoa). CD Baby is pretty good about getting your CD songs on dozens of download sites. Then I downloaded a whole bunch of pretty random stuff, just browsing and listening. Lots of cool new pop tunes, some old stuff, some Indian music, just extremely various.

One thing I found was a compilation of science fiction movie music. I would never buy the 4-CD set, but I like instrumentals for background music in Orbiter, so I downloaded a few tracks. These include themes from Contact and Aliens, plus the very brief theme from The Day the Earth Stood Still, perhaps the most stereotypical piece of "space music" you could imagine (but I like it). I also downloaded a couple of Kronos Quartet pieces that sound like they will go well in Orbiter. Sometimes it's fun to be random.

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