Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rocket Company DH-1: Massive Overhaul!

When I said on Friday that there was "some interest" in further work on Andy's basic prototype of the Rocket Company DH-1 model for Orbiter, I didn't realize what an understatement that was! Mark Paton said he would would start work on it over the weekend, and he did much more than start. Building on Andy's work, Mark created a textured and animated version of the DH-1 with deployable drogue chute, landing skids, and parasail. He even provides autopilot scripts for launches. Amazing work! And literally all done this past weekend.

Mark says there are a few additional things he'd like to add once he's seen some feedback from users. It also needs some flight testing to adjust various system parameters, so I hope some Orbiter test pilots will take it for a spin or two and make suggestions. Thanks to Andy McSorley and Mark Paton for bringing the ideas of The Rocket Company to (simulated) life in Orbiter.

I will put some pictures on Flickr as soon as I can - upload isn't working from this rather erratic hotel broadband connection at the moment.

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