Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Must Be Washingon

I've always loved Washington, ever since I first visited here with my high school senior class, quite a few years ago, when youthful energy and a dare prompted me to climb the steps of the Washington Monument (pictured here, from my hotel window). I don't know what it is - the history? I guess I'm impressed by all the monuments that were built to impress people. I even like the cheesy stuff in the hotel gift shop - the Air Force One t-shirts, FBI baseball caps, and CIA golf balls (?!?) - but don't worry, I didn't buy any of that crap! I'm saving my money for the Air and Space Museum, or maybe the merch tables at the Mars Society Conference itself.

So tomorrow morning, a quick breakfast in my room, register for the meeting at 8, then go hear NASA Administrator Mike Griffin give the keynote address at 9 am. Is this space geek heaven, or what?

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Unknown said...

Sounds like fun. Good luck on your presentation. Keep us updated.