Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Anousheh's Inspiration

I've mentioned Anousheh Ansari's "space explorer" blog several times already. Since returning from the ISS, she has continued to write in her informal, open, and honest way, and people around the world have continued to post comments. Yesterday she wrote a post titled "I couldn't sleep" in which she talked about being pleased with the success of her blog in reaching people, but admitted that some negative or critical comments, as relatively few as they have been, have been discouraging for her.

This comment has triggered a "silent army" of blog readers to come out and post encouraging notes and stories of their own inspiration (247 comments so far). It's really amazing to read these comments from people in Iran, Malaysia, Russia, the US, and many other places. There are many worthwhile things being said about working for the future, international cooperation and understanding, the value of hopes and dreams, and more. Here is one message (#227, no indication where the writer is from) that I found especially hopeful - a direct example of the kind of inspiration that many space and education advocates are trying to achieve, and that Anousheh actually is achieving.
You are my hero!
Please don't take these negative comments to heart because what you have done is absolutely amazing.
You may not believe it but you have completely changed my life, I have always wanted to go into space and am at college on a course that i hoped would help me get there but a few months ago started to have second thoughts about the whole thing, especially because i am the only girl and surrounded by men who think that i am incapable of doing well for myself because i am a girl but after reading your blog and how you want "To inspire youth, and especially girls, around the world to pursue their dreams’", you have helped me become determind me to carry on but this time with more enthusiasm and drive to succeed.
You are amazing, thank you so much.
K x

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