Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blogger Beta

When I saved my last few posts, I noticed that Blogger was running a beta of a new version of their blogging software with some pretty cool upgrades. So I've given it a shot - actually more than that - since you can't go back, I'm committed. But it looks good so far.

Mainly I couldn't resist the lure of topic labels. I've actually toyed with the idea of moving my blog to Wordpress or another service that offers more control and features, especially the ability to assign topic labels that would allow readers (and me!) to more easily find previous posts with related themes. I read posts and articles about the moving process and it didn't sound like much fun. So I procrastinated, and for once, it paid off.

There are new templates (I've kept my dots for now) and various new features on the editing side (like practically instant publishing when you write or edit a post). But the most visible new features are the expanding year and month blog history labels (click the triangles to hide or show the months or posts below), and the topic labels list, which allows you to display all the posts that I've labeled "Mars" or "Orbiter" or "add-on." Cool. So far I have labeled about 60 of my two-hundred-something posts, trying to keep to a relatively small list of keywords. I'll probably finish this up in the next few days.

I like this - it makes my blog at least semi-useful as a reference, though I'm sure I will still use the Google trick of searching for
to find something-specific. And you can too.

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