Friday, October 13, 2006

My Piece of the "Long Tail"

File this one under "shameless self promotion" (but I won't create a topic label for that). I got an email from CD Baby, which is the independent artists' music site through which I sell my CD Jardin du Luxembourg. It was a reminder on how to use direct links to popular digital download sites to promote your music on the web, since many people today prefer to download songs rather than buy CD's (which of course you can still do through CD Baby). That's one of the nice things about selling through CD Baby - they take care of getting your songs to dozens of digital download sites automatically, and they even send you reminders about how to use this to promote your music!

So if you have iTunes, you can get to my page at the Apple iTunes Music Store here, or if you prefer (which specializes in indie music), you can go here. Both sites have 30 second previews, though you can hear much longer previews at my page on CD Baby itself.

I guess this is my little contribution to the "long tail" that the internet makes possible - all the zillions of obscure, low-demand, and specialized items that no physical store could possibly afford to stock but that you can now locate and buy on the web. I find it kind of ironic that my best seller in digital downloads is a song I wrote a few years ago for my younger daughter, called simply enough, "Daddy's Little Girl." Although the lyrics are personal and specific, people must like the title, and then presumably like the song when they preview it (at least enough to spend 99 cents). I've made a few hundred dollars from downloads of that song - so if you bought it, thanks!

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