Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Odd Views of China and Taiwan

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FlyingSinger said...

No text in a blog post? Inconceivable! These are some random shots from China and Taiwan.

1. Self-portrait with paper cranes in a Suzhou restaurant
2. Shanghai airport 400+ km/hr maglev train (I don't know the lady in the picture but there were too many people to get a shot of just the the maglev)
3. Giant leaves in front of a building in Taipei. Is that a ghost leaving those blue footprints?
4. Partial view of Taipei 101 building from my hotel room balcony on 13th floor.
5. I love the traffic lights in China - many now have this countdown clock feature. One of the zillion uses of LED's in China and Taiwan.
6. Another view from Taipei hotel balcony, angel statue above hotel entrance.