Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cool "Fate"

I love this record! OK, it's not a "record," it was an MP3 download, and an easy impulse buy even though I never heard of Dr. Dog since it was an Amazon MP3 Daily Deal for only $1.99.

Fate has been on constant play on my iPod the last couple of days. The songs are good but the arrangements and background vocals are amazing. They don't really sound like the Beatles or the Beach Boys, but there is something about the arrangements and background vocals that often evokes Beatles or Beach Boys memories (Aimee Mann is another artist who does this for me, Beatles-wise). At other times they have a looseness that reminds me of early Neil Young with Crazy Horse or The Band. Lots of small surprises in the arrangements. Somebody's weird quilting project for the cover, but OK.

Cool stuff. Recommended!

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