Saturday, April 11, 2009

Podcast Preview

Podcast - Jupiter & Io Setting Over Europa
My podcast for the 365 Days of Astronomy series will appear on Tuesday, April 14. It's called "Exploring Space with Your Computer" and it focuses mainly on Orbiter and Stellarium. At the end of the podcast, I say that additional information on the stuff I discuss can be found on my blog. That's pretty much true in general, but to prepare for some more specific follow-up posts, I've added a bunch of new screen shots on my Flickr site. I also created a new Flickr set called IYA Podcast 4/14/09 which includes the new pictures plus a bunch of related older ones. You can view this as a slide show if you like.

I created a new Orbiter scenario with better views for the "orbiting Europa" scene in the podcast. I set it in 2084 instead of 2001, and by luck, Io was positioned nicely in front of Jupiter for some of the screen shots, including the one shown here. There are also some Apollo 11/AMSO screen shots and a few Stellarium screens (one shown in my earlier post today).

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