Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Carnival of Space #122

Here's a slightly belated suggestion: check out the latest Carnival of Space over at Cumbrian Sky. Stuart has done a great job introducing this week's posts with his usual enthusiasm. I don't know what it's all about, but I felt compelled to re-post his photo of Buzz Aldrin with Photoshopped pink wading boots on the Moon.

Unfortunately I missed the boat on submitting a post to this week's carnival and I probably won't be blogging very much the next couple of months. The fall business travel season is starting soon and there's lots to prepare for my upcoming trips. I'm also closing in on completing my new album, Message from Tomorrow - in stores soon (um, probably not, but probably on iTunes and Amazon sometime in November, with a few songs on MySpace now). Just a few more sessions for final vocals, mixes, and some sort of mastering process and it should be a wrap - unless I decide to add a 14th song or Roger and I want to add horns to a couple of the songs that are "done."

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