Thursday, September 17, 2009

iPod Dinner Dishes Diary

I had a lot of dishes to do tonight, so I was listening to my iPod on shuffle. For no particular reason (you lie!), I started to make little notes on the songs that came up. So here there are. It's funny what comes up when you've got 2700 songs on shuffle.

Honky Tonkin' at the Minibar  (Me) - OK, not random, this is song of mine. I tend to listen a lot to new recordings when I finish them. More later when I get it posted on MySpace, probably tomorrow. It's a funny country song with steel guitar and stuff.
My Stupid Mouth (John Mayer) - Damn, he's a good writer. Even his early stuff is rock solid.
Hole in the World (The Eagles) - They start out sounding pompous, and often they are, but damn, those harmonies are undeniable.
5 to 1 (The Doors) - Brings back memories of high school angst. Cool sounds - Robbie could really play guitar. Jimbo, you were a weird dude, but you made some memorable music.
Oboe Quartet, Second Movement (Mozart K.370) - I prefer to listen to all the movements of a classical piece, but I'm not a purist, and this is one of my faves, so sad and haunting. I'm lucky to have heard this piece a couple of times performed in Salzburg.
Everlasting Everything (Wilco) - From their latest, a simple, moving song that reminds me of me somehow (or I remind me of them?). Something about the voice or the feeling, not sure.
Sitting on Top of the World (Cream) - Simple blues, Clapton rules.
Tiny Dancer (Elton John) - OK, overplayed, but still good. College memories from the early 70's (and also from "Almost Famous" which I wasn't).
Love (John Lennon) - Beautiful simplicity. So real. The piano, the rough acoustic guitar, the voice, the reverb. Nice.
All Apologies (Nirvana) - I'm not a big Nirvana fan, but I like this a lot. Gritty goodness.
Don't Let Me Wait Too Long (George Harrison) - OK song, not one of George's best post-Beatles efforts. Nice harmonies, disappointing slide guitar part (I usually love his slide work).
Late for the Sky (Jackson Browne) - I just one-starred this song (marked for later deletion). I admire him as a writer, but sorry, a lot of his stuff just bores me.
Mean Mr. Mustard (Beatles) - Here's John again. Cool distorted sound on Paul's bass. Awesome harmonies of course.
Screaming Infidelities (Dashboard Confessional) - Yeah, I go for the occasional emo song. I like the open tuning acoustic guitar on this.
Know Your Enemy (Green Day) - What can I say? It rocks. I'm old, but I like what I like.

If you like reading about songs and the music business, check out The Lefsetz Letter (it's a blog now). Bob Lefetz is intensely passionate about music, sometimes annoyingly so, but he's got a lot of great insights and he's never boring.

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