Monday, October 31, 2005

A Blog Worth Reading

OK, one last post for the month and the night. I read an article at The Space Review by Anthony Kendall, about the value of human exploration - very good article. It linked to his blog, so I took a look at some recent and archived articles. After reading posts about education, the future, NASA's Moon plans, the colors of fall leaves, creationism/ID, I realized that I was hooked on this blog. Here's a smart and sensible young science graduate student who can write some really engaging prose. On some of his pieces, I'm reminded of the the essays of the late Lewis Thomas (The Lives of a Cell). A rational mind analyzing things, connecting things, and appreciating the world. Check it out!

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Anthony Kendall said...

Thanks so much for the praise! I have added your blog to my Rojo account too, so I'll be keeping up on your entries. I look forward to reading your entries and comments, and welcome a critical mind to review my somewhat disconnected writings :-)