Wednesday, April 04, 2007

40 Signs: Science Fiction with Real Science

I just finished Forty Signs of Rain (2004), the first volume of Kim Stanley Robinson's latest trilogy, on the subjects of rapid climate change and how the processes of science and scientists work (or don't work, in some cases). I love the realistic feeling of this novel - from the fascinating bits of science to the characters to the workings of the NSF, a biotech startup, and a senator's office. Set in the very near future, this book rang true for me on every level. Of course it's also the setup for a gigantic disaster - very much like our current real life. I look forward to the next two volumes (the third was just recently published) and to perhaps meeting Mr. Robinson at ISDC in Dallas. I'm enough of a fan to bring along a book or two of his (Green Mars?) and to try to get an autograph.

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