Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day 2007

Earth Day 2007 - Atlantic Reflection
It's a fantastic spring weekend here in New England, and in honor of Earth Day, I should go for a nice long walk - and so I will. But first I decided to post a few new screen shots of the Earth from Orbiter. The high-resolution (level 10) Earth textures are really quite good. Of course there is no shortage of real space views taken by astronauts available on the web (the clickable map on this NASA site is really nice). MSNBC has a cool slide show presenting photos of the Earth taken from the Gemini period (mid-sixties) to the present. You can launch it from this page, which includes a number of comments about the Earth by astronauts who have actually seen it from the perspective that most of us only dream about (or simulate). More pictures on Flickr.

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