Thursday, April 05, 2007

Orbiter as Art

2001: Aries at Clavius #3
Although physics is the "mind" of Orbiter, its 3D graphics would have to be its "heart." I have a whole Flickr site dedicated to Orbiter screen shots, and I even wrote a children's book based mainly on Orbiter screen shots, including various add-ons (Mars: Just Imagine, free 3 MB PDF). Other Orbiter users have galleries too (e.g., Darthvader, Kodiakspace, simcosmos, Andy, and I'm sure there are others on Flickr and elsewhere).

Another manifestation of Orbiter as art is the forum screen shot contest, which pops up every few months (check out the current one). Many of these images are amazing, and some people use Photoshop to further enhance the realism or beauty of their basic Orbiter shots. I didn't enter the one I've posted here - it's just one I that I especially like from my Flickr gallery, using the amazing World of 2001 add-on (it's clipped a bit here - see the big version for the best impression of Orbiter's graphics). You should really look at the entries in the current contest - they are very cool.

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