Monday, June 14, 2010

Message from Tomorrow has "Shipped"

My new album "Message from Tomorrow" has finally "shipped" (well I did ship a few CD's to CD Baby for sale, and a few to out of town friends). The 14 original songs are available for download on iTunes,, and on itself. I've been a little surprised by comments I've received on what people like, but I guess that really just shows my own biases. The favorite song so far seems to be "Out of Nowhere" (written with my friend Rob Simbeck), followed by "Autumn Song" and "Message from Tomorrow."

Lyrics for the album are available as a PDF on the download page of my music web site, which I hope to update to something a little more modern and interesting in the next couple of months. I also hope to get back to doing some gigs now that I have some new material. This will probably start with some open mic events since it's been a few years since I performed at anything other than a family or office get-together. 

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