Sunday, January 28, 2007

Building a Space Education Library

As if I needed an excuse, planning for space-related educational outreach programs is prompting me to expand my personal library of books and DVD's. A recent example: a giant format book called The Complete Earth that I bought at Borders for $20. This 2006 book is essentially a photographic atlas of the entire Earth based on NASA's Blue Marble: Next Generation project, imagery created from MODIS observations at a resolution of 500 meters per pixel. While this imagery is available on line, having it an oversize book format emphasizes the size of the Earth and the detail now available in an easily browsable format.

I also discovered that I have The Science Channel (a spinoff of the Discovery Channel) on cable TV, and since I recently bought a DVD recorder, I've started to collect some of their space related programming for reference and educational use. Just this weekend I recorded and watched parts of three recent one-hour shows on Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars. Revealing Mars is from 2006 and mainly discusses Mars Reconaissance Orbiter (MRO). This excellent show airs again in February, but the Pluto and Jupiter shows are not listed for further broadcasts at the moment.

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