Thursday, May 10, 2007

Discover Discover

Discover Magazine may be considered "science lite" compared to Scientific American (which I also read) and other science magazines, but it's still got a lot of good content, and I'm glad I've gone back to subscribing. The current (June) issue has the theme "the science we don't see" and includes a wide range of articles on radio waves, ocean life, imaging of atoms, thermal imaging, etc. as well as an interview with author and futurist David Brin. Good stuff.

The current issue is not on line yet, but some recent space-related articles are, including a March article "Grace in Space" about NASA's gravity-measuring GRACE satellites (gravity map of Earth above) and a cool article about Titan.

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Anonymous said...

WELL i foud your aricle intersting. I have spoken to Mr. -------g about an experiment that I have "successfully" completed (on three seperate occassions). My little lazer gadget here has managed to infiltrate 2.3 light year distance, and "unbelievable"
"secret" power source, that fits into the size of a mid sized computer case. You wouldn't believe the "stit ratio fedback"
and some other intersting readings when I aimed it at a few of the other solar bodies. I won't come out with this till I see just how far I can ge this thing to go. No-body actually knows about it , but at this point you. I am purely intersted to see what your reaction to this little info is. I am hoping to get another on board ,to help me with this thing. I need someone who "truly understands "spacial(not special) equations" in relation to refractions and diobolics. Any suggestions?