Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Space Paintings of Pat Rawlings

Pat Rawlings is a wonderful artist - his paintings of space scenes have been used in countless studies by NASA and other organizations and have appeared in many books. His paintings for a NASA study called "To the Moon in 24 Hours" were also the inspiration for an excellent add-on for Orbiter by Ken Bolli (TTM24, example shown here, Orbiter above, Rawlings below). Andy McSorley's Virtualspaceflight.com has a gallery of images from the add-on as well as tutorials and links to other sites.

Pat Rawlings' web site has searchable galleries with hundreds of his paintings available for on-line viewing. There are also some animations.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words! The work shown in the study that you referred to was done for Dr. Stan Borowski of NASA Glenn Research Center. He is one of NASA's lead engineers for the development of NTR (Nuclear Thermal Rocket) propulsion. We started collaborating on this effort in 1992 and continued for over 10 years.