Monday, May 07, 2007

ISDC Presentation Done

Firefly Jumbo - Orbiter Add-on
This weekend I finally did the PowerPoint for my presentation at ISDC 2007 in Dallas, coming up in just a couple of weeks. The talk is in the Sunday afternoon education track and is called "Playing in Space: Interactive Education with the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator." It introduces Orbiter and then gives several specific examples of how Orbiter can be used in the classroom. Thanks to a cancellation, I learned that I will have 50 minutes for my presentation, so I plan to show some live Orbiter demonstrations and make it sort of a mini-tutorial. Most of the graphics were things I've had around, but I did create a couple of new ones, including this shot of the Firefly from the movie Serenity. It's a weird spacecraft but a very detailed Orbiter add-on by Jon Marcure and Shawn Beard.

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Unknown said...

The pictures look great. I look forward to seeing the presentation at ISDC. I'll be sure to bring my daughter along. She likes flying around in Orbiter, but is still too young to figure out how to navigate anywhere. Maybe we'll both pick up some pointers.