Sunday, May 27, 2007

ISDC Rocks!

Rocked actually. I just attended the final dinner (with a great speech on economic development of the Moon by Harrison Schmitt) and will visit some family in the Dallas area on Monday. I feel like a blogging slug since this is only my second post from the conference, but hey, I've been busy here!

Highlights include almost meeting Buzz Aldrin (I was standing three feet away waiting to say hello when he had to leave, but at least I got to hear his Saturday lunch speech), riding an elevator with Rusty Schweickart, and shaking hands with Dr. Steve Squyres (who gave an excellent talk on the Mars rovers at his award dinner Saturday evening). OK, I'm a space fanboy!

I met a number of people I had known only through the internet, including author Marianne Dyson and my 2006 Mars Society paper co-author Mark Paton, plus a few fellow space bloggers including Eric Collins and Astro Prof. There were many interesting presentations for which I will need to review my notes. The education session this afternoon was really good, and my "Orbiter in education" presentation went well. I hope to have it up on the web in the next couple of days (email me if you'd like a copy sooner).

It was raining in Dallas the whole time, but we were immersed in the conference events and hardly noticed. I'll write more and link to some other reports in the next few days.

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