Saturday, May 19, 2007

Private Space in WIRED

I just got the new (15.o6, better known as June 2007) WIRED magazine in the mail, and the cover story is on private space (cover blurb: "Rocket Boom" with a graphic of a bunch of private spacecraft and rockets spewing flames). Too busy to read it tonight (early day for my Girl Scouts space workshop tomorrow), but I did a quick browse, and the main article is almost all about Elon Musk and SpaceX. There's a sidebar on Rutan and Branson and Virgin Galactic. There's also an article about what's wrong with NASA.

None of this is especially new for space buffs, but it's nice to see it heavily featured in a relatively mainstream mag like WIRED. Nothing on their web site yet.

5/22/07 Update: HobbySpace reports that the WIRED space articles are on line now, SpaceX here, with links to the others on that page.

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