Thursday, July 05, 2007

New HST in Orbiter

There's a great new model of the Hubble Space Telescope available for Orbiter over at Orbit Hangar (listed as v1.3 with several modifications over the last week or so, 6.5 MB zip file). The basic Orbiter installation includes a model of the HST, but it doesn't have a lot of detail and texturing. This model by "marg777" is made up of parts from two earlier modelers who are credited in the Orbit Hangar description. It's quite a nice "mash up."

The telescope doesn't actually work in this model (not that you would expect it to!), but there's a workaround of sorts, the new Telescope MFD (version 0.1) by Artlav which allows you to pick a target like Jupiter and then zoom in on it from where you are. Cool! You sometimes have to use the F1 key twice (toggle to external then back to internal view) to refresh Orbiter's display so it will load the right level image for the FOV you have selected (field of view or zoom level, smaller FOV, higher magnification).

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