Thursday, July 19, 2007

OK, I'm really psyched!

Thanks to the JPL Solar System Ambassadors program, I'll be in Florida for the STS-118 launch on August 7! I was just invited to a NASA STS-118 Pre-Launch Education Conference to be held in Orlando August 5-7. The conference itself looks quite interesting, but it also includes a tour and reception at Kennedy Space Center, as well as a chance to view the launch from the VIP site! I've never experienced a launch in person, so I really am psyched! I will allow a couple of extra days, but I really hope they launch as planned that Tuesday evening.

I hasten to add that the travel will be at my own expense, not NASA's - the Ambassador program is for volunteer educators who like to do presentations on space exploration and astronomy at schools, museums, libraries, etc. JPL provides some nice training opportunities (web and phone conferences) and some presentation materials, and in this case, some invitations to fill some open slots at this conference. Cool enough!


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romrod said...

wow! congrats!

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