Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This IS Important

Anna Quindlen's "Last Word" essay in the current Newsweek is great. The title is "This Is Important," and it is. An eloquent appeal that we take this election seriously. Here's the closing paragraph:
At a moment like this, to discuss who is the pig and who the lipstick in a shopworn simile is a sign that you've gone down a dark road and wound up in a cul-de-sac. Who cares if you like Sarah Palin, if your kid plays hockey and so do hers? Here is the only thing about anyone's kids that matters now: every time you vote you make your kids a promise. It's a promise that you will look past cheap slogans and lazy alliances to try to find a way to make America worthy of a new generation. And if we keep that promise in November, we not only keep faith with our children, we keep faith with the country.

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Brian Dunbar said...

I do take it seriously.

But you can't walk around all mopey and grim-faced, either.