Monday, September 15, 2008

Views of Space Settlement

From recent posts, you might think the theme of this blog has morphed from space/education/science/astronomy/etc. into politics, but that is definitely not my long term plan. I normally maintain a Newsweek-level interest in politics, keeping up with important developments, but not getting too distracted by them. This fall's presidential election is a major exception, and I have gotten more involved with it than I expected, with fund raising and even canvassing and making phone calls for the Obama campaign, in addition to writing about it. I believe it's really important, and I can't help it - I want my country back. But I haven't given up on the "space stuff" by any means.

I just received the fall issue of Ad Astra from NSS (National Space Society). It's a pretty good issue with an article about the new NSS Space Ambassadors educational program (I've already applied), reports on ISDC 2008 in Washington, as well as articles on the ISS, Mars Phoenix, COTS, and more. There is also an article about the winners of this year's space settlement art contest, with some really cool examples. I can produce some pretty cool space images using Orbiter, but a talented artist can really transport you to that futuristic space environment. NSS puts out a calendar based on the space settlement art entries, and I just ordered the 2009 edition.

Bonus: I just noticed a link on the Ad Astra page for a free PDF (1.5 MB) of an excellent multi-article report on space based solar power from the spring 2008 issue.

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