Thursday, December 01, 2005

Free Download! "Just Dancing"

Actually it's been a free download and the first song on my CD since 2003, so why now? Well, it is "music" of the spheres, and sometimes I still think about my music and wish I could restart my periodic songwriting obsession (but it happens when it happens). I got a new MP3 player I was trying in the car this morning. I had a couple of my own songs in there, and "Just Dancing" came up in shuffle play. I hadn't heard it for a while, and I thought it sounded pretty good (modestly speaking, of course - I wrote it, played acoustic guitar, and sang most of the parts myself - acoustic pop/rock with a bit of Beach Boys inspiration). But judge for yourself (some people call this "the pink sweater song," hence the picture). Listen or get your free download here.

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