Thursday, August 07, 2008

Almost Famous (Among German Nerds)

I'm a nerd, and proud of it. Believe me, only a nerd would say that and link the word "nerd" to the Wikipedia article for nerd. Not to mention that I'm a space blogger and this is, what, my fourth post of the day? But enough about me. Almost.

Thanks to Martin Schweiger, the author of the Orbiter space flight simulator, I now have the chance to be mildly famous among German nerds, or at least those German nerds who read a popular biweekly computer magazine called c't. The current c't has one of their occasional bonus cover DVD's, this time including software with the theme "Wissenschaft" (science). Martin was asked to allow Orbiter to appear on the c't cover DVD, and he kindly suggested that they also include my Orbiter tutorial and exploration guide, Go Play In Space.

And they did. I hope their inclusion on the DVD allows many German c't readers to discover and enjoy Orbiter. I just received a copy of the magazine and I see it's in there, along with many other free software offerings of a sciencey nature. I can only read a little German, but I see that many of the programs on the DVD are actually in English. I noticed and installed one called Periodic Table Explorer by Paul Alan Freshney. Why? See paragraph one. The periodic table is a thing of beauty, OK?

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