Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't ask me...

ask an astronaut!

Astronaut Greg Chamitoff, floating around on the International Space Station, is ready to answer your questions from orbit. Just use the form on this page. NASA says he will answer as many questions as his schedule permits.

I decided to ask a question myself. I looked through a lot of past questions and answers and didn't see this particular question which I have sometimes wondered about:

I know you have a pretty regimented work/sleep schedule, and I know there are frequent sunrises and sunsets in orbit. How does all this affect your sense of time? Do you ever experience something like jet lag on the ISS, a sense of being awake when your body "thinks" you should be asleep?

I guess I'll have to check back periodically and see if it gets answered (they don't ask for an email or address or anything, just a name if you want to not be "Guest").

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