Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Obama Fundraising Page

I created a personal fundraising page for the Obama campaign. I had thought about doing this before, though I had mixed feelings about asking family and friends for contributions. They know there's an election this fall, and if they want to contribute to a candidate, it's easy enough to do. But I also realized some people might be supportive but just haven't made a move yet. Maybe they would contribute if someone asked them to. If not, they could just ignore my email:
Sorry to invade your privacy with political "stuff" but this is something I think is really important. I set up a personal fundraising page at, and here's what I wrote on that little web page (I removed the first paragraph of boilerplate):

Although I have occasionally given money to candidates in the past, I have not gotten personally involved in a political campaign since I was a college student and worked for George McGovern in 1972! And while I've personally contributed money to the Obama campaign, asking other people to contribute money is just a bit beyond my comfort level. But guess what? When something is really important, it's time to push the envelope and forget about your comfort level. Because I care about this country and about our future, I believe we need Barack Obama to win this fall. And it's going to take money.

So I'm taking sort of a leap here. I've set my own personal fundraising goal for the campaign, which you can see in the thermometer to the right of this page:

Please take a moment to check out this page, and contribute if you can. Any amount will help. And if you care to, tell a friend. If you want to know about why I support Obama, I'd be happy to talk with you about it.


Of course my page is open for anyone to contribute, and if you decide to, thanks in advance. If you prefer to contribute in another forum, or to another candidate, or not at all, that's fine too.

We now return to our originally scheduled space, astronomy, science, and education "stuff."

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