Thursday, August 14, 2008

Astronomical Medicine

SEED magazine has interesting profiles and podcasts on some "revolutionary minds," including Michelle Borkin, a young astronomy researcher at Harvard who is working with a team in applying medical imaging and visualization software to astronomical data. The term "astronomical medicine" is pretty wild - who is the patient in this case? And will the insurance be accepted in this part of the Galaxy?

I forwarded this to Martin Schweiger, the developer of Orbiter, who in his real job does research on medical imaging software. He agreed that this is really interdisciplinary research, "Although on the other hand, the connection isn't so far-fetched. I am using the radiative transfer equation to describe light propagation in tissue - and that was originally developed for modeling stellar atmospheres." So maybe it's really medical astronomy?

Michelle Borkin has some nice images, movies, and background material on her web site.

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