Monday, October 26, 2009

Carnival of Space #126

Some space blogs (like this one) are all over the map. Others pick a theme and stick with it. Case in point: The Gish Bar Times. It's pretty much all Io, all of the time. Except when it's hosting the Carnival of Space, as it's doing this week. The blog's name "Gish Bar" certainly refers to Gish Bar Patera, a complex, volcanically active crater on Io (as opposed to Gish Bar the Babylonian sun god).

The image above is one I captured some time ago in Orbiter of Io with Jupiter. The image below is one I just grabbed in Orbiter with labels turned on so I could see where Gish Bar Patera is located on Io's surface. I added the "magnifying glass" using PaintShop Pro. Io sure has a lot of paterae.

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