Monday, March 24, 2008

Disgraceful Treatment

I pretty much keep politics out of this blog. There are thousands of political blogs for those who wish to read them. But this editorial on the disgraceful treatment of veterans with traumatic brain injuries just really got to me this morning. The fact that more than 4,000 Americans (and many, many more Iraqis) have died in this unnecessary and horribly mismanaged five-year war is bad enough. It has also damaged us in so many ways - economically, politically, internationally, militarily. But the veterans who have been literally and severely damaged by the war deserve so much more help and support than they are getting from our government. We really need to support our troops - by getting them out of this war, and by providing the help that the wounded survivors and their families need and deserve to rebuild their lives.

I really don't believe that happy-go-lucky George W. Bush is as clueless and lame a lame duck as he seems to be. But I do believe he is as evil as he seems, and that no matter who wins the White House this fall, it will take years for this country to recover from all that he and his cronies have inflicted on us and on the world since 2001.

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