Friday, March 07, 2008

Yin/Yang Travel Reading

I've got two new "serendipity" books for my trip next week, both discovered in a quick bookstore stop. What Are You Optimistic About? really looks great, judging from the few brief essays I've read so far. They asked the title question of a lot of interesting people, and they got a lot of interesting answers. Several people write about prospects for solar energy, and one writes about how by some measures, violence in the world is actually decreasing (if this is true, you would never guess it from our news sources). It's cool to see some experts looking on the bright side, and explaining why. That's a nice half-full glass on the cover, by the way.

The other book is SF, just something that looked good in the bookstore, by an author I never read, Jack McDevitt. The book is Moonfall, and it involves a comet hitting the moon in the near future. Reviews are generally good so we shall see.

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