Monday, March 10, 2008

l'Optimisme de ce Soir

I'm in Paris, and it's raining and chilly, but I've completed my first customer visit (just hours after arriving) without falling asleep, and I've had a nice meal of "moules et frites" (mussels and fries) at Léon de Bruxelles. I've been reading the essays in What Are You Optimistic About? and many of them are quite thought provoking and even inspiring. I will have more to say on this in days to come, but confining myself to just the short run, what am I optimistic about tonight?
  • I am optimistic that my suitcase has finally been loaded on a United 777 in Washington Dulles and will arrive at Paris CDG tomorrow morning.
  • I am optimistic that said suitcase will be delivered to my hotel between 10 and noon tomorrow as more or less promised.
  • I am optimistic that I will be able to continue to wear my one pair of pants by not spilling red wine on them, even if this means switching to beer (it's working so far).
  • I am optimistic that before my suitcase actually arrives, I will not need more than the one additional clean shirt and very few other essential clothing items that remain.
  • Admittedly this is aiming low and I am actually optimistic about other things too.
  • But on 3 hours of sleep and after two beers, this is the best I can do.
  • Ah, Paris.


Jay Dugger said...

If you have the chance, I recommend you go visit the Museum of Air and Space at Le Bourget airport.

FlyingSinger said...

Thanks Jay. I have visited the museum at Le Bourget twice, most recently last November (in the rain, see below). It is a very cool museum.