Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Last Brain Cells Outsourced

So I'm having dinner at a T.G.I. Friday's with my daughter, and they have all sorts of pop culture paraphernalia on the walls - photos, album covers, models, whatever. Above our table is this photo of TV's original Charlie's Angels from the 1970's, and I point out to my daughter that the one in the middle was my favorite, Kate... Kate... Kate what? All I can remember besides "Kate" is Farah Fawcett and that the first name of the angel on the left started with J.

So out comes the Blackberry, I browse to Google, type in charlie angel kate, and in seconds, I can "remember" Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith. Although remembering television actors from the 70's is perhaps not the best measure of mental acuity, it's just one of many examples. I'm lucky to now have a brain prosthetic I can use almost anywhere. I can't wait for the implant version.

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