Friday, January 09, 2009

Robots & Astronauts Online

I just learned about a really cool web site called, where you can (you guessed it) share your PowerPoint and other sorts of presentations with the world or with selected people. It's similar to Flickr for photos and YouTube for videos, and it is also free. You just have to set up an account to upload things. There are zillions of presentations to search and view and you don't need an account for viewing. You can also embed presentations in web sites as I have tried to do above.

So I set up a FlyingSinger account and uploaded a PowerPoint presentation I developed and used a lot last summer and fall, "Robots, Astronauts, and You: Exploring Space." Just for the heck of it. You can view it online, and I also set it up for download. The online viewer doesn't include animations or sounds which I used quite extensively in this PowerPoint, so some of the slides may look a little odd. The downloaded PPT file (21 MB!) contains all the sounds and slide transitions. The Orbiter space flight simulator is available for free download at

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