Friday, August 03, 2007

Quest for MPG

My obsession with gas mileage on the Prius has lessened, but I continue to try to optimize the drive to work as a sort of benchmark, seeking the elusive goal of 60 mpg on my 20 mile mixed expressway/local road commute to work. I'm normally doing about 54 mpg, but yesterday was a personal best, 58 mpg. This was helped by a traffic jam near the office that slowed traffic to around 20 mph for a while. I briefly saw an average of 60.6 mpg just a few miles from the office and hoped I might finally break 60. But "heartbreak hill" (on the local road into the office park) pulled me back down to 58 mpg, which is still not too shabby. I still really like the Prius.

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