Friday, August 17, 2007

Seeing in the Dark

I heard about PBS's upcoming special "Seeing the Dark: A Film by Timothy Ferris" a few months back, and tonight I got email about some upcoming events related to the film. I went to the pre-release (mainly for press) web site where I downloaded and viewed the video trailer. It looks like it will be a great film. I read and discussed Ferris' 2002 book Seeing in the Dark early this year. It's basically a book about the joys of amateur astronomy combined with profiles of talented amateurs and the amazing things they are doing these days. I really enjoyed it. The film looks like it's much the same, but with amazing visuals. The YouTube video clip shown here is quick, but download the Quicktime file from the show's web site for a clearer preview of this high-def film. The official web site will be hosted by PBS and will feature star charts, internet telescope access, and more. It will launch on September 5.

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