Sunday, November 02, 2008

Für immer Mozart

This is a beautiful weekend in Salzburg, and I took advantage of yesterday's nice weather to walk around the old city and to make a little Mozart pilgrimage, visiting the small museum in the Mozart Geburtshaus (birthplace) at 9 Getreidegasse. Then last night I heard a concert of chamber music by Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, and Dvorak up in the Fortress Hohensalzburg (shown above). It included Mozart's Oboe Quartet in F (K.370), one of my favorites, and of course also Eine Kleine Nachtmusic (K.525). My seat was about three meters from the first violin. It was great.

Today I have to do some final preparation for my seminar this week, but since it's another clear day, I'm thinking I may return to the Fortress to check out the daylight views of the city from up there.

Note: The gold ball with a man on top in the foreground of the photo is a sculpture in the square next to the Salzburg cathedral.

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