Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Waiting for Christmas Morning

My plan to get to bed early here in Salzburg is being helped along by some nice pasta, a good bit of Italian wine, and a complimentary kirschwasser, but I have a few quick things to post before setting my alarm for 4:30 am (10:30 pm EST Tuesday) and hitting the sack...

I've got CNN on with the sound off. The sound is mostly annoying anyway since there's really nothing to report yet (2:55 pm EST as I write this). Video clips of long lines at various polling places around the USA brought a tear to my eye. Then John McCain was there blabbing to his base, with wife Cindy and Joe Lieberman standing in the background. Joe, you suck.

Friends sent me a last minute must-watch (the funny and inspiring video above, even if it is one day late) and a must-read, this powerful and moving essay on how co-presidents Bush and Cheney have gutted this great country, by conservative Obama supporter Andrew Sullivan.

I'm hoping I can really sleep from soon until 4:30 am local time and that when I wake up, it will be Christmas morning in Salzburg, and like that real Christmas morning around 1965 when Santa brought me that amazing electric road-race set, I'll get just what I wanted.

P.S. This is such an emotional election - I just about lost it when I saw another blog post that said "Will Toot's vote count?" (Yup.) Here's a news item on that (the blog post won't load).

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