Friday, December 05, 2008

AOPA Internet Flight Planner

Although I haven't done any flying as a private pilot in over three years, I still have a strong interest in aviation and hope to get back to regular flying one of these days. So I keep renewing my AOPA membership, and for 2009 I added the optional subscription to AOPA Flight Training in addition to the standard AOPA Pilot magazine. It's been so long that I will need to review a lot of basic things if I seriously hope to get back in the cockpit.

While renewing, I checked out the AOPA web site and noticed they have introduced a new web-based flight planning tool, developed by Jeppesen. I planned a simple flight just to check it out, and it's pretty nice, quite adequate for planning VFR flights (though of course you still need to carry current paper charts). Very cool, and free to AOPA members. I wish I could go flying today - it's a great VFR day.

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