Wednesday, November 02, 2005

CEV Play for Today

CEV v1 in LEO

Francis Drake's CEV-1 "Odyssey" add-on for Orbiter is modeled on an "old" Lockheed-Martin concept (late 2004), and its shape doesn't quite match the Apollo-like cone that NASA has shown in the most recent concept art. But it is still the most complete CEV add-on for Orbiter that I know of, with the crew capsule, service module, and a lunar descent vehicle, along with starting scenarios for trying them out (and a convenient nose docking port). So until someone decides to create an add-on based on more recent CEV ideas, I'll use this to try out some CEV-type missions, such as visiting the ISS, or doing a Moon flight with a lunar orbit rendezvous and landing.


DarthVader said...

Looks good indeed. Does this CEV come with a set of 2D panels?

Looking forward to your adventures on the moon :-)

FlyingSinger said...

Alas, no panels, which is the most common case with add-on ships. Developing panels is as hard or harder than developing the ships, and few add-on developers take this on. The glass cockpit (addon) and remote control module (lets you control thrusters and throttles with the mouse for your own or other ships) can overcome this to some extent, but it will really be cool when Martin releases the next version in which MFD's can float and have their own buttons, and you can have more than two MFD's open.


DarthVader said...

yes, it'll be pretty sweet.