Saturday, November 19, 2005

ESPACE Magazine - Formidable!

I'm glad I've retained a moderate level of French language skills for all the many years since high school. In France, it's good for a laugh and sometimes even for conversation. And my reading level is still quite good, so I can generally read anything that interests me.

Case in point: brand-new issue of ESPACE Magazine that I picked up at the airport just before leaving Paris. This (#17) is a special edition with the theme "space exploration, the future in pictures." And the pictures are great - it's a large format glossy magazine with excellent full-color printing. There are many paintings and photos, starting with Chesley Bonestell's wonderful space paintings of the 1950's (discussed in my October 25 post on the "World of Colliers" add-on for Orbiter), many NASA concept paintings (including examples by and an interview with artist Pat Rawlings), and much more. There are also interviews with American and French astronauts and space researchers.

It's really cool. If you are a space enthusiast in France, you probably know this magazine. But why don't we have something like this in English? I haven't seen any in the US anyway - Britain?

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